How to Overcome Public Speaking Fear

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It is public speaking that prove far and away the most terrifying for the majority of adults. Surveys have consistently shown that most people fear public speaking even over death.


Surveys also show that people that can get up and speak persuasively to an audience are among the highest paid people around. The ability to speak in public with confidence and poise can be an invaluable asset no matter what your profession.


And the great news is, it doesn't take much to overcome that fear. It doesn't take much to realize that any fear you might feel regarding public speaking is only based in your imagination of what may happen. An imagination that runs away and predicts a horrible outcome that almost certainly will not happen.


Having once been among those that would have rather faced down a pack of lions than a polite audience, I know exactly how terrifying it can seem to stand up in front of people and speak.


Having overcome that seemingly debilitating fear, I know a few tricks that I'd like to share with you, and you'll be surprised just how easy they are.


The reason they are so easy is because they all involve thinking about public speaking just a little bit differently. The mind is a wonderful tool that science can't even begin to understand. When you can tap into the power of your imagination, you'll be amazed at the personal power that you can easily develop.


Here are three simple tricks to help you get over your fear of public speaking.


One - Imagine a positive outcome.


Any fear is generated because your mind imagines a terrible outcome, and your mind/body emotional system reacts tot hat imagination. This usually happens below conscious awareness, so many aren't aware of it. When you purposely imagine a positive outcome, and rehearse it over and over in your mind, it becomes a habit. Next time you think about speaking in public, don't allow your imagination to run away. Take control of it, and imagine the most positive outcome you can think of. Standing ovations, people asking for your autograph, people giving you flowers. Remember, this is your imagination, so anything goes.


Two - Think of you as a giver of information, rather than a seeker of approval.


Most people get scared when thinking about speaking because they imagine they are seeking the approval of he audience, and imagine not receiving it. Think about your message instead, and how your audience will benefit from it. Think of at least one way that at least one person in the audience will be much better off after having listened to your speech. And focus on that.


Three - Realize that any speech is just practice until next time.


When you accept the idea that anything speech you give can be thought of as practice, something that you can learn from to improve yourself, it takes the pressure off. When you make a mistake, it's not a failure; it's something telling you how to improve. And you want to improve, right? A great way to really make this habit part of you is join Toastmasters, or take a public speaking class at your local community college. That way you can really focus on improving your technique through each and every speech.


These three ideas, when taken together, can help you to grow into a powerful and charismatic speaker, one that people look forward to and benefit from hearing. You will soon be the most in demand speaker on your topic. And when you can imagine all the ways that can help you, you really can feel your motivation.


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How to Overcome Public Speaking Fear

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This article was published on 2010/04/02