Tips to Prepare For Public Speaking

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As a common joke, many have cited public speaking as their greatest fear (sometimes even greater than the fear of death!). However, this is no laughing matter because the overwhelming fear may paralyze and even affect our self-esteem. Speaking in public takes place when there is a need to inform, persuade or entertain a crowd. It takes training and practice to master the art of speaking in public. Very often, people worry about rejection or ridicule when in fact, you should relax and concentrate on delivering your best performance. The three tips on public speaking to remember are: (1) prepare, (2) practice and (3) perform. 

It is important to prepare what you want to say. There is no greater mistake than to think you are able to create something out of nothing when the time comes. Your audience is discerning and will be able to tell whether you've invested time and effort to prepare your speech. If you intend to use unfamiliar words or phrases, make sure you know how to pronounce them and also their given meaning. An excellent speaker will take time to find out the demographic characteristics of his/her audience. These include age and level of education. Preparation can also come in the form of observation, where you observe and learn from excellent public speakers. 

The second point leading to successful speaking in the public has to do with practice. The popular adage "practice makes perfect" stays true to public speaking as well. You should rehearse your speech and if possible, in front of an audience or even have it recorded. Your audience should be able to give you helpful comments that will strengthen your overall style. On the day of your speech, remember to pace yourself, use meaningful pauses and connect with your audience. Body language is an important indicator of your preparedness and you should strive to project a positive image at all times. 

It is hoped that the given tips on public speaking will assist and motivate you to try public speaking!

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Tips to Prepare For Public Speaking

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This article was published on 2010/03/26